You will find on my website a selection of quilts of interest as well as some tutorials to execute them based on my experience as well as on my friends’.

Feel free to browse the various section to find the best looking patchwork designs to help you find your favorite or create your own.

You have the possibility to order already made from giant online shops or place an order from an individual or small business owner who will have published its work here. It’s always good to regularly support local business.

If you wan to participate in this blog or want to advertise and sell your quilts, just leave a message in the comments section below or send me a mail through the contact section of the blog above.

Discover our new article on Window Quilts to best insulate your home for the winter. A great solution to keep warm during the cold season to come and a nice project to do during the pre-winter season.

We have made a selection of the Best comforter Sets in a recent market study, and you will be able to look for your next purchase among the most qualitative King Size Comforter Quilt Sets.

When you are quilting at home, you may ask yourself what is the best quilt basting spray to use. We have a recommendation here for you.

In case you are lacking of imagination or creative inspiration for your future animal quilts: here is a selection of the top10 Animal Quilt Patterns to buy on the market.

For Dallas Cowboys fans you like to pimp their house with Western film ambiance, you should read the following article reviewing our best pick on Cowhide Bedroom Set in the last year.

And in the meantime: Stay Calm and Keep Quilting

Martha L.

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