Best Air Mattress for Heavy Person

Best Air Mattress for Heavy Person

It is important to get the right information on the Best Air Mattress for Heavy Person in order to get a good night’s sleep. You’ll have more energy, you’ll work better, your concentration will improve and it also improves your immune system.

Enough reasons to choose the Best Air Mattress for heavy weight if you go camping. If you are going to choose a bed for camping, you will probably have to choose between an air mattress or a sleeping mat? A difficult choice because what is the best choice? In this article we explain everything about air mattresses.

Different sizes of Air mattresses

An inflatable bed or air mattress is a camping bed that you fill with air to create optimal comfort. An air mattress can be folded without air into a small package, so you can easily carry the mattress in your luggage. Air mattresses come in different sizes: 1 person, 2 person, children’s air mattresses, thin air mattresses and extra thick air mattresses. An extra thick air mattress is nice when you have back problems: it helps you get out of bed more easily in the morning.

Queen Size Air Mattress for plus size people

Endorsed by the international chiropractors association to help promote proper spinal alignment and a healthier night’s sleep, King Koil is a leading manufacturer of queen airbed. They include a soft flocking layer technology and a built-in pillow for maximum comfort.

Extra thick waterproof comfort quilt top with extra spinal support – firm mattress provides good sleeping posture and the suede top keeps bedding in place. It comes wit a built-in AC pump and patch kits in case of accidentally puncture. One year warranty is included by the manufacturer.

    King Koil Luxury Air Mattress Queen with Built-in Pump for Home, Camping & Guests – 20” Queen Size Inflatable Airbed Luxury Double High Adjustable Blow Up Mattress, Durable Portable Waterproof
    King Koil is LUXURY! Factory 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer included in your purchase! – King Koil enhanced queen airbed technology with a – soft flocking layer and a built-in pillow. Built for maximum comfort – we stand behind our quality & warranty! warranty details in packaging and with airbed purchase.
    Extra thick durable waterproof comfort quilt top with extra spinal support – firm mattress provides good sleeping posture – sueded top keeps bedding in place. The built-in pump features separate inflate and deflate knobs for simple and fast inflation.
    Queen sized airbed with coil-beam construction and a built-in 120v / 210w ac pump – inflated dimensions: 80″ x 60″ x 20″ should you accidentally puncture or tear your air mattress, all King Koil air mattresses include patch kits.
    Easy to use plug in internal pump allows fast & easy inflation / deflation. The King Koil mattress reaches full inflation in under 2 minutes. The King Koil air mattress is designed for in-home use and is perfect for overnight guests, friends or relatives, and camping trips. Remember, although it holds air extremely well, you can always click the pump on for a few seconds to inflate or deflate to your desired comfort level!
    Customer friendly 1-year guarantee offered. King Koil is the only manufacturer that is endorsed by the international chiropractors association to help promote proper spinal alignment and a healthier night’s sleep.
    149.95 $ 169.95 $ -12%


42 inch air mattress king size

SoundAsleep is the second leader on the list of the Best Air Mattress for Heavy Persons. It also offers an integrated Dual Smart Pump Technology that runs continuously and silently insuring a firm mattress all night long.

SoundAsleep Queen Size Air Mattress for big and tall includes a consumer friendly one year warranty. It is extra thick, waterproof flocked top for added comfort and durability with multilayer, puncture-resistant material
Its dimensions are 78″ x 58″ x 19″ with a raised double height air bed with dual chamber construction. Its sure-grip bottom prevents bed from unwanted sliding on the foor.

    SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump – Queen Size
    CUSTOMER FRIENDLY 1-YEAR WARRANTY comes standard on all SoundAsleep mattresses. Rest assured on your purchase of the highest quality air mattress money can buy. Call or email anytime for support. Our US-based team is here to help!
    INDUSTRY LEADING DESIGN exclusively using ComfortCoil Technology and a SureGrip bottom to ensure firmness and stability. No slipping and sliding! With 40 internal air coils for added durability and support your bed will remain flat and firm so you can stay SoundAsleep! Updated in 2019 with our official SoundAsleep logo!
    PATENTED 1-CLICK INTERNAL PUMP ensures quick and easy inflation and deflation. Designed for in-home use, the Queen Size Dream Series mattress reaches full inflation in under 4 minutes and will stay inflated for days. If you prefer a firmer surface, use the pump for a quick top up!
    PREMIUM “DOUBLE-HEIGHT” RAISED AIR BED with dual chamber construction. With inflated dimensions of 78” x 58” x 19”, this mattress is large enough to sleep two people comfortably or one person like a king! Guests, friends and relatives of all shapes and sizes will be thrilled. For a smaller mattress, check out our Twin Size!
    EXTRA THICK, WATERPROOF FLOCKED TOP ensures a comfortable sleeping experience while multilayer, puncture-resistant Eco-Friendly PVC makes this mattress extra durable and long-lasting.
    149.95 $ 169.95 $ -12%


Shape of the sleeping surface

You may have noticed that the sleeping surface of an air mattress can have different shapes: curved, flat or square. These shapes relate to the strength of an air mattress. If an air mattress does not have these shapes, it will bulge when you inflate it. Are these shapes bothering you? The air mattress is probably over-inflated. Let some air out and you’ll find that your air mattress will be more comfortable.

Air Mattress inflation types

  • Foot pump: You don’t need much power to inflate an air mattress with a foot pump. Also, a foot pump is ideal if you have back problems as you can stand up straight.
  • Hand pump: A hand pump generally has a larger capacity than a foot pump, so inflating with a hand pump will be faster. However, be careful if you have back problems because you are bent over.
  • Electric pump: An electric pump is ideal. You plug in the plug, connect the pump to the air mattress, turn on the pump and just wait until the mattress is full.
  • Integrated electric pump: What do you think of an integrated electric pump? In the air mattress there is a pump, you just plug in the plug and the air mattress inflates in a few minutes. The difference with a separate electric pump is that you can’t lose or forget the pump, because the pump is in the air mattress!

Bariatric Air Mattress for fat people

Bariatric Air Mattress is relating to or specializing in the treatment of obesity : involving or practicing bariatrics to favor weight loss. If your BMI is to the roof you probably have sleeping issues. You body weight is causing you leg joints and vertebral spin issues that will provoke sleepless nights.

You may also experience problems with breathing during the night and difficulties find the right position in your bed and turning around is uncomfortable. In such cases, your solution might be the Bariatric Air Mattress with medical functions with dual pump cores that will help you sleep better at night.



    Alternating Pressure Bariatric Mattress for Hospital Beds with Pump – Low Air Loss, Quilted Nylon Cover – Extra Wide 80″ x 42″ x 10″ – Pressure Ulcer and Bed Sore Treatment – Comfort Zone by Medacure
    MULTI FUNCTION WHISPER QUIET DIGITAL PUMP: This hospital grade air mattress can be set to alternating pressure or static, has adjustable comfort levels, auto firm inflation, and adjustable cycle times of 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes. It’s perfectly customizable to your specific needs and comfort.
    FAST & EASY: With a patented quick inflation CPR, a patented quick connector and quick change air filter, it is quick and simple to use. The easy to use control pump fits on hospital bed rails, and many household bed frames. The mattress inflates in minutes.
    LOW AIR LOSS: 8 ventilated cells ensure the mattress retains air. A cell-on-cell design prevents bottoming out. The mattress is made of 20 replaceable air cells which are easy to snap in for DIY replacement that takes seconds.
    HOSPITAL GRADE NYLON COVER: The removable quilted poly PU cover ensures premium patient comfort. It is water resistant and easy to clean and maintain.
    THE PERFECT SIZE: Choose whichever anti bed sore medical mattress suits your needs. Available in standard 36″ width with a 400 lbs weight capacity, or in extra wide bariatric 42″ or 48″ width with 1,000 lbs weight capacity. The optimal patient transfer solution, it is also available with built in guard rails for fall risk patients.




    Drive Medical Med Aire Plus Bariatric Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System, 80″ x 42″
    This bariatric system provides alternating pressure to optimize pressure redistribution for patients with up to Stage IV pressure ulcers
    Cell-on-cell design of 10″ deep air cells prevents “bottoming out” and provides up to 24 hours of power outage protection (Each of the 20 bladders can be easily removed and replaced)
    Digital pump with diagnostic alarms allows for customization to individual patients’ needs, and will auto return to alternating pressure mode if system is left on static mode for more than 2 hours
    Pillow function maintains the 3 air cells at the head of the bed in static mode for patient comfort
    Weight Capacity: 600 lbs; Dimensions: 80″(L) x 42″(W) x 10″(H); Pump Airflow: 12 LPM; Cycle Time: 10, 15, 20, 25 Minutes


Air Mattress Weight Limit

All airbed manufacturers indicates in their user manual their recommended Air Mattress Weight Limit not to exceed. Most single air mattresses have a weight limit of 300 pounds, whereas double air mattresses have a weight capacity limit of 800 pounds.

Prior to purchasing, please check the capacity of your heavy duty air mattress to check if it is fit for your own weight. Always read the product specifications to see what the weight restriction is and if it is design as air mattresses for fat people. Twin, full, king, and queen are the same sizes as normal mattresses.

Avoid being cold on an air mattress for large person

Maybe you recognize it: you are camping, you have thick pajamas and you wake up at night because your back is very cold. An air mattress does not insulate because the mattress is filled with air. Cold air from the ground enters the air mattress, which also makes it very cold. This cold is then transferred to your body.

To avoid this, you can use an insulation mat. Place this mat under the air mattress, so that the cold air from the ground does not penetrate your air mattress.

Overall, there are a few important things to know about an air mattress. When sleeping with two people on an air mattress, it is best to choose an air mattress with different air compartments. Test a few air mattresses to see which shape of sleeping surface you will find most comfortable and don’t forget to think about how you want to or can inflate the Best Air Mattress for Heavy Person.

Queen Size Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case

This Ivation EZ-Bed Queen Size Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case is an all automated Self Inflatable, Blow Up Bed Auto Shut-Off, Comfortable Surface AirBed, Best for Guest, Travel, Vacation, Camping.

It has a built-in pump with 3 different settings that inflates the mattress in less than 4mn and the pump automatically shuts off when completed. It seats 24 inches above the floor so you are away from the cold and humid floor.

You also have an automated deflating function that will also proceed with self-folding the matress back into its carry bag with wheels. It’s easy to transport, fast to use and easy to store.

  • Ivation EZ-Bed (Queen) Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case, Self Inflatable, Blow Up Bed Auto Shut-Off, Comfortable Surface AirBed, Best for Guest, Travel, Vacation, Camping
    EZBed Built-In Pump Automatically Inflates and Deflates Airbed In Less Than 4 Minutes, Pump Features Auto Shut-Off Options (Plush, Medium, Firm) To Reach A Desired Comfort Level with Ease Self-Deploying Frame Design Allows User To Simply Unzip Case, Plug Into Wall, Turn On, And Walk Away For Easy Set Up Durable Flocked Mattress Top with 48 circular coils Provides A Soft And Comfortable Sleep Surface That Also Keeps Your Sheets In Place EZBed Unfolds And Inflates To a Standard Bed Height (24."), Inflated Mattress Dimensions: 79" X 61", Bed Deflates and Folds in to a Duffle Bag With Wheels For Convenient Travel And Storage; Bed Fits Standard Twin Sheets, Weight Capacity: 450Lbs. Bed Weight: 48.9 Lbs 100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED Unlike other Brands, WE STAND BEHIND OUR BRAND and pride ourselves with exceptional customer service care!
@thejunglebadger Finally I can sleep 💤 🐷 @Ivation ♬ original sound – Best Online Finds

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