• Laird Technologies 450-470 MHz 5dB 5/8 Wave Antenna with Spring - Chrome
    Frequency (MHz): 450-470 Maximum Power (Watts): 200 Whip Material: 17-7PH Stainless steel Color: Chrome
  • Antenna 5/8 Wave NMO UHF 430-450 MHz, 5.5dBd Gain, for Motorola, Kenwood, Maxon, Icom, Vertex, etc. Mobile Radios, BR-430
    Mobile antenna 5/8 over 5/8 Wave NMO 430-450 MHz 5.5 dBd gain 37" whip gold plunger type contact pin
  • PCTEL Maxrad 450-470 MHz 5dB Gain No Ground Plane Collinear Antenna - Chrome
    Can Be Mounted on Metal or NonMetal. The Gain is 5dB When Using a Ground Plane (Metal) 3dB When Not Mounted on Metal. Maximum Power is 200 Watts. Latest Technical Development.
  • PCTEL Maxrad 144-174 MHz Heavy Duty 1/2 Wave No Ground Plane Antenna - Chrome
    Maximum Power (Watts): 200 Whip Length (In.): 58" Material: 17-7PH Stainless steel Color: Chrome
  • tram-browning Antenna 5/8 Wave NMO UHF 450-470 MHz, 5.5dBd Gain, for Motorola Kenwood Maxon Icom Mobile Radios, BR-450 BR450
    Mobile antenna 5/8 over 5/8 Wave NMO 450-470 MHz 5.5 dBd gain 34 1/2" whip gold plunger type contact pin
  • AntennaPlus AP-MP70-MIMO Cellular/PCS/LTE 3 WiFi & GPS - Threaded Bolt - Black
    Antenna Plus now provides antennas for both GPS systems. When used together, the two satellite GPS systems have 55 combined satellites providing more ubiquitous GPS coverage With the AP-MP70-MIMO, you will get superior Cellular/LTE data throughput speeds with the Multiple-In, Multiple-Out dual antennas All four antennas are built into one physical housing so that you only have to drill one hole for a fast and tidy installation. This reduces the need for multiple antennas on top of the vehicle Rugged, low profile design gives you protection against all of the natural hazards a vehicle faces including vibration, hot, cold, ice, salt, dirt, car washes, and tree branch sweeps
  • Sirio Antenna GP 6-E 140-175 MHz 2X5/8 VHF Base Antenna, 5.9 DBI
    Type: 2x5/8 wavelength ground plane collinear frequency range: tunable 140...175 MHz impedance: 50 ohms Radiation angle: 3.6° polarization: linear vertical gain: 3.8 DBD - 5.95 dbi bandwidth @ SWR <= 2: see diagram SWR @ res. Freq.: see diagram max. power (cw) @ 30°c: 200 watts Grounding protection: all metal part are dc-grounded, the inner conductor shows a dc-short connector: uhf-female, gold plated central pin
  • Laird - ¼ Wave Helical VHF Operating Injection Molded Antenna,150-162 Mhz Frequency Covered BNC/Helical and BNC-Male Type Connector, 1y Mfg. Warranty | 6" Length
    ?ADVANTAGES OF INJECTION MOULDING: Fast production and highly efficient. Injection moulding can produce an incredible amount of parts per hour, Low labour costs, Design flexibility, High-output production, Large material choice, Low scrap rates, Ability to include inserts. ?USES: The various Tuf Duck models include Low-Mid Band, UHF, VHF, Trunking and Cellular antennas and are approved for use with radios from Bendix King, EF Johnson, Itron, MaCom, Kenwood, Maxon, Vertex/Standard, Motorola, Midland and Tait. ?PRODUCED FREQUENCY: Laird Technologies produces these antennas in a diverse number of styles including: quarter wave, 1/4 wave whip, 1/4 wave helical, 1/4 wave stubby, 1/2 wave, Right angle helical, and Right angle whip. ?ANTENNA TYPE COVERED: BNC/Helical Radio Models GE MPI, PLS, PCS, Kenwood: TK100, TK200, TK210, TK220, TK300, TK310, TK320, Motorola: HT440, HT90: Maxon HR, CP500, CP520, 1015 EF Johnson: 577, 578 Standard: 734, 834, HR146, HX300, HX320, HX400, CU32, CP/CS 5015, 0420
  • MHB5800S: PCTEL / Maxrad 5/8 Wave Heavy Duty Antenna with Spring - VHF 144-174 MHz - 3 dB

Author: Anael G.