How to clean a Cowhide Rug | Simple Tutorial

Tutorial to clean a cowhide rug easily

I’m going to show you how to clean a cowhide rug at home using simple ingredients that you should have in your cupboards.

How to Care for Cowhide Rugs

So what i have here is a bottle of dish soap some gloves two different attachments from my shop vac i’ve got some peroxide because this rug actually has some pee in it which i’m going to address a sponge and a bowl.

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Cowhide Rug Regular Maintenance

Step1 Cowhide Rug Vacuuming

Here is a bowl so the first talhing we’re going to do is vacuum down the rug i’m using a wide spade um detail attachment for the vacuum on my trusty shopvac micro 4. the reason i’m using this is because it’s got an open spade so that when i vacuum the rope down the fibers of the rug are actually going to go into the space and allow airflow to pick up the debris in the rug and throw it into the vacuum cleaner.

So we’re simply going to turn the vacuum on and start vacuuming

Step2 Washing with dish soap

I’m gonna put about two or three drops of dish soap into 100 ml of water i’m then going to take a sponge and give that a little stir around you’ll notice that i’m wearing gloves and which for this particular rug we’ve got a pee issue so i don’t want any of that on my hands

Simply what we’re going to do is take the cleaning solution that i’ve just mixed up and start washing the rub down now it’s very important that you have a wet Vac for this because what i’m gonna do next is use a detail nozzle on my shop vac and i’m going to Vac out this slurry.

So i’ve done a little square here and the next step is to turn my shop back on and vacuum it out because this is animal hide which is a protein fiber it’s hair it’s actually quite resistant to soiling but if you have any stains that you want to treat just use a little bit more solution and worry them into the rug get it a little bit wetter and keep sucking it out with the shop vac.

Step3 Peroxide Treatment for Cowhide Rug

Next step is mix up some peroxide in my cleaning solution to start dealing with the urine areas in the rug and you can see the staining here urine actually chemically burns fibers as it denatures and it’s yellowed the rug here on the back of the leather.

Peroxide Tutorial Cowhide Rug Stain removal

So now what i’m going to do is i’ve got a bottle of peroxide i’m going to add about 50 ml or so into my cleaning solution and sponge that onto the staining to neutralize the urine now i’m not going to be shy with this but i am going to suck out the excess with the shop vac now in a minute so this is going to neutralize the urine odor.

Use my sharp fat to extract it out and that’s just going to take any excess peroxide out once that’s done i’m going to leave the rug to air dry i’m now going to turn the rug onto its face and i’m going to treat the front with the peroxide solution in the same manner that i was doing the cleaning and just with some peroxide in solution.

It’s dealing with the urine on the front of the rug too big urine stain was right about here on the rug so what i’m gonna do is take a generous amount of the cleaning solution and just brush it in with the grain of the animal height so what i mean is the direction that the hair is going in just brush the solution in and that peroxide is going to neutralize that out of the rug so again i’m going to leave that sit for about 15 20 minutes and i’m going to back it off with the shopvac.

It probably won’t deal with the staining because that’s damaged but it will neutralize the odor. Let the peroxide working on the rug for about 20 minutes or so

So again we’re about 20 minutes later and i’m just going to vac out the peroxide cleaning solution okay that’s pretty much it for how to clean a cowhide rug including how to clean pee out of a cowhide rug so you pretty much want to put the same amount of solution that you think the animal may have peed into the rook so if a cat it’s going to be a pretty small amount if you’ve got a dog it’s going to be a little bit larger and you want to let that soak into the rug and then vacuum it out and let it air dry

Step4 Air Dry the Cowhide Rug

If you’re doing this with a wool rug you’re going to need to neutralize this with vinegar and or acid vinegar will do because you want to neutralize the ph reaction of the oxidizer or the peroxide but with the cowhide i’ve just vacuumed it out and i wanted to keep working because the leather is a lot more porous than the back of a standard rug so i just want to keep working away until it dries

So all i’m going to do now is allow the rug to air dry and see if that’s worked i’ve done this numerous times before so i’m pretty confident that it will if you want to do a full clean on the rug another way of doing it is to sponge the solution in and then tell it out if you don’t have a vacuum but the Shop Vac Micro is the best way to go about doing it because you can pull out the slurry as you go. Thanks for reading.

How to clean a Cowhide Rug in Video

How to fix a Cowhide Rug curling up

It is actually pretty simple: you need to humidify the rug where it is curling up. Make sure you soak it enough to make it wet so that it becomes flexible and the curling stops.

Then air dry the rug in a straight position. You can put some books on top of it to make sure it is flatten during the drying process.

Once dried, you rug should not be curling anymore!

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