How to make a rag quilt Jacket

Home made rag quilt Jacket Tutorial

Steps to make home rag quilt Jackets

In order to make a handmade rag quilt jacket you can explore the following steps.

First the fabric is a thrifted quilt you can get some a thrift store if you do not have left-over fabrics from your past made quilts. You will then need to collet a series of alternating nine patch blocks and strip piecing from the color and pattern you like. Should you be needing a quilt basting spray, you can get the best sprays here.

Since beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, it is really up to you to arrange the patterns and colors you like. I also ordered online additional rag patterns and got the quilt patches in the mail months ago. I held on to it and used it as an actual quilt for the longest time waiting for the right pattern to come to me. Every once in a while, I’d shop online for hoodie or sweatshirt patterns but nothing ever really felt right.

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Obviously before I cut into this most precious fabric i wanted to make sure i had a clear plan that i was very confident about. I didn’t think originally that I had anything that I would like in my pattern stash but I went shopping in there anyways and found the natures quilt design on everyday hoodie patterns.

Originally the patterns seams looked a bit odd and I wanted to give the jacket some shape and definition and just in general be less boxy. Also there are pockets that are hidden inside those seams and that seemed like something that would be very practical for warmth also just to keep things like keys in my phone.

Strategy to rag quilt Jackets making

Then you can laid out all your pieces cutting each of them in a single layer. You don’t have to try to match the layers and patterns across the zipper. You actually may want some variation there but it is more a question whether you like it or not. You don’t have to get everything perfectly lined up too. You don’t have to pay much attention at all to pattern placement for the sleeve but you should make sure that you center back piece prominently displays your favorite centerpiece pattern.

Rag quilted Jacket hood sewing

The hood of your rag quilt Jacket can go down wherever there was space left you will also be ending up cutting a lower band using some of the strip piecing of the quilt to accomplish kind of like a horizontal banded look.

Sewing it up is easy. The pockets are made from muslin fabric and goes in really easily. You can serge every single raw edge prior to sewing any seam together it’s like a Hong-Kong finish but with serger stitching instead of bias you have to search the raw edges to make sure that the quilt top batting and backing stay lined up when you are sewing.

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You can serge all the pieces separately and then sewed them together to prevent the seams from having too much bulk. All of the seams other than the side seams have then to be top stitched down as well.

The princess seams can be top stitched toward the center the hood seams should be top stitched flat (and as a consequence they were all reinforced that way). The hood and sleeves are both hemmed by turning the fabric under once.

Easing up you rag quilted Jacket sleeves

The sleeve ended up being too tight though it’s actually a great quality in a hoodie pattern when working with something like sweatshirt fleece that has you know a little bit of stretch to it. But your rag quilted jacket could have no stretch and you may have to ease more wearing.

In such case you can dive into the school the quilt scraps and you can cut a wedge to insert in the sleeves existing under seam. There will be already so many pieces to that rag quilt jacket and obviously the design of your quilt is very busy so nobody will probably ever would notice.

But if you’re going to make a quilt coat following any specific design pattern then you should know you may ending up to insert an additional three inches at the hem of the sleeve tapering it down to nothing at the arm side. Don’t worry as it will end up working out perfectly, with a really comfortable fit.

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You can use metal grommets in the hood and then feed your drawstring through the hood hem so you can adjust that opening if needed. You should use one of my new favorite hack for the drawstring it’s actually a shoestring they come in a ton of different widths a ton of different lengths like way longer than you would maybe think and a ton of colors they also happen to be very affordable.

So they make the perfect cotton drawstring in my opinion plus the little plastic endings the things at the end of the drawstring also just give it a really nice finish. You can wear this around your house and for your glamping trip but don’t limit yourself.

Be proud and wear your home made rag quilted jacket everywhere because it’s just that cool. You can also learn how to make a pair of matching booties to go with it obviously that’s for just around the house more like slippers than anything and if you have enough fabric left you could be making a pair of pants too like, to get a matching outfit.

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Tutorial how to make a rag quilt Jacket in video

How to make a hand made rag quilt jacket is detailed in the video below

The best rag quilt Jacket designs

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