• 25 Series (8" Rise) Step Assembly with Logic Control Unit and Power Switch Kit
    Supports up to 300 lbs. Heavy-gauge steel and black powder-coated finish for long-lasting durability Solid steel drive rods and stainless steel bushings Sealed wiring connectors stand up to the elements Rise: 8 inches; Run: 9 inches; Tread: 24 inches; Mounting Bolt Pattern: 8 x 22 inches
  • Supplying Demand W10181323 Refrigerator Condenser Motor With Fan & Mounting Bracket Replaces 14211095, 1455822
    Compatible with some brands, but is not universal. Does require model verification. To avoid fitment issues make sure to verify before ordering. Comes in Supplying Demand packaging 115V 60Hz 4.1W 6.75" blade Includes mounting bracket and fan blade.
  • Kenmore 5D51-35 Furnace Fan Control and Limit Switch Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
    This part is compatible with models including; NUGI125DH02,NUGI125DH03,867761070,867761071,867761072,867762041,867763130,867763251,867761073,867762040,867761074,867762042,WUGE060AG02,867764220,867765430,867764221,867775240,867775241,GMC,NUGG175DK03,NULS050AF04,NUGG175DK02,NUGK125KK09,867761081,867761082,867764230,867765440,867761083,867761084,867763140,867763261,NUGE100CK02,NULE105DG02,867764232,NUGE100CK01,867761080,GNC,HUGE125BH02,NUGJ150DK02,NUGJ150DK03,867762140,867763350,867763471,867761051 This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts including; 9180,2310,10027,12527,15527,87904-4,87904-5,87916,87916-1,87916-2,90978-1,90978-2,90978-5,8808/1,9139,91391,9140,9141,AF-510,541.9115,541.9180,L4064A1339,L4064A1768,L4064B1014,L4064B1089,L4064B1154,L4064B1188,L4064B1469,L4064B1642,L4064B2228,L4064E1652/B,613569,L498B1231,L498B1249,L498B1280,L498B1298,L498B1322,L498B1488,L498B1496,L498B26,L498B43,L498B6,L498BY61,254A331 Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Kenmore,Icp This fan control and limit switch (part number 5D51-35) is for furnaces Shut off the house circuit breaker for the furnace before installing this part
  • OEM American Standard CNT03600 / CNT-3600 ICM Fan Control Board , PWB 16 Pin
    ICM 16 Pin Control Board Commonly found in American Standard / Trane Furnaces and Gas Package Units Replaces / Supersede:  CNT3600 , CNT-3600 , C800796P01 Note: Images are for Illustration Only
  • Kenmore J3140003030 Dehumidifier Fan Motor Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
    This part is compatible with models including; 25150701011,25150701010,25155570510,25150501010,25150501011 Fan motor J3140003030 spins the fan blade that moves air through the dehumidifier Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Kenmore This fan motor (part number J3140003030) is for dehumidifiers Unplug the dehumidifier before installing this part
  • Trane CNT03600 / CNT-3600 - OEM ICM Fan Control
    OEM ICM Fan Control American Standard / Trane OEM / Service First Component Note : Images are for illustration only. Actual part could vary. See Description Below for Additional Information Replaces & Supersedes:  CNT-3600 , CNT03600 , CNT3600
  • Air King AK80LS Energy Star Deluxe Quiet Series Bath Fan, 80-CFM
    Bath fan measures 10-7/8" W x 9-3/8" D x 7-7/8" H, is made of 23 gauge galvanized steel, with a white polymeric grill Operates at 80 CFM and 0.6 scones At its highest point, the grill only juts out 1/2" from ceiling Motor can operate continuously and has an Energy Star label, making it eco-friendly Electronically balanced centrifugal blower wheel ensures your bathroom receives top-notch ventilation with little sound Energy Star high performance bath fan with low sound levels and a contoured grill 80-CFM blower at 0.6-sone for quiet operation Exhaust capacity for rooms of approximately 110-square feet Easily install by using the included adjustable hanging brackets Comes with a 5-year limited warranty
  • SOTOP IP55 Waterproof Metal Blades Axial Fan, 115V AC 120mm x 38mm High Speed, for DIY Cooling Ventilation Exhaust Projects
    IP55 Waterproof and Dustproof fan is designed for moist and dusty environments. Metal blades, Metal frame axial flow fan, enhances the heating efficiency. -50℃ - 95℃ super high temperature range. The life expectancy of ball bearings is greater than 60000 hours. Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 38 mm | Airflow: 120 CFM | Noise: 47 dBA | Bearings: Dual Ball Includes power plug cord, two fan guards, and mounting screw set
  • Direct Store Parts Kit DN110 Replacement Gas Fireplace Blower Fan Kit FBK-200 for Lennox Superior Rotom
    L13.63'' x W4.63'' x H4.5'' Motor Type: Ball Bearing Insulation Class H (rated to 392°F / 200°C) Motor RPM: 3000 Airflow in C.F.M: 130 Ratings: 120V, 60Hz Power Consumption (watts): 35 3-prong Power Cord: Yes Power Cord Length (inches): 75; Rheostat Variable Speed: Shipping box, Bubble Wrap, Foam Certifications: Rheostat, Motor UL Approved Benefits: Fits Lennox:BRENTWOOD SP, CAMBRIA, EDV3530CNE-B, EDV3530CNM-B, EDV3530CPM-B, EDV4035CNE-B, EDV4035CNM-B, EDV4035CPM-B, EDV4540CNE-B, EDV4540CPM-B, EDVCLNE-B, EDVCLNM-B, EDVCLPM-B, EDVCRNE-B, EDVCRNM-M, EDVCRPM-B, EDVPFNE-B, EDVPFNM-B, EDVPFPM-B, EDVSTNE-B, EDVSTNM-B, EDVSTPM-B, HC42, HCI-36, HCI-42, HCI-42-H, LBC-3824, LBC-3824-H, LBC-4324, LBC-4324-H, LMDV-3530-CNE, LMDV-3530-CNM, LMDV-3530-CPM, LMDV-4035, LMDV-4035-CNE, LMDV-4035-CNM, LMDV-4035-CPM, FIREPLUS, FP38, FIREPLUS, FP43 Fits Lennox:lennox and "HC36, HC42, HCI-36, HCI-42, HCI-42-H, LBC-3824, LBC-3824-H, LBC-4324, LBC-4324-H, LMDV-3530-CNE, LMDV-3530-CNM, LMDV-3530-CPM, LMDV-4035, LMDV-4035-CNE, LMDV-4035-CNM, LMDV-4035-CPM, LMDVR-3328-CNE, LMDVR-3328-CNM, LMDVR-3328-CPM, LMDVT-3328-CNE, LMDVT-3328-CNM, LMDVT-3328-CPM, LSS-35CN, LSS-35CP, MLDVT-30NE, MLDVT-30NM, MLDVT-30PM, MLDVT-35NE, MLDVT-35NM, MLDVT-35PM, MLDVT-40NE, MLDVT-40NM, MLDVT-40PM, MLDVT-45NE, MLDVT-45NM, MLDVT-45PM, MLDVTCD-35NE Fits Lennox:MLDVT-35NM, MLDVT-35PM, MLDVT-40NE, MLDVT-40NM, MLDVT-40PM, MLDVT-45NE, MLDVT-45NM, MLDVT-45PM, MLDVTCD-35NE, MLDVTCD-35NM, MPB-3328CNE-B, MPB-3328CNM-B, MPB-3328CPM-B, MPB-3530CNE-B, MPB-3530CNM-B, MPB-3530CPM-B, MPB-4035CNE-B, MPB-4035CNM-B, MPB-4540CNE-B, MPB-4540CNM-B, MPD35ST-PM-B, MPD-3530CNE, MPD-3530CNE-B, MPD-3530CNM, MPD-3530CNM-B, MPD-3530CPE, MPD-3530CPM, MPD35PF-NE-B, MPD35PF-NM-B, MPD35PF-PM-B, MPD35ST-NE-B, MPD35ST-NM-B, MPD35ST-PM-B Fits Lennox:MPD-4035CNE,MPD-4035CNE-B,MPD-4035CNM,MPD-4035CNM-B,MPD-4035CPE,MPD-4035CPM,MPD-4540CNE,MPD4540CNE-B,MPD-4540CNM,MPD-4540CNM-B,MPD-4540CPE,MPD-4540CPM,MPDR-3328CNE,MPDR-3328CNM,MPDR-3328CPE,MPDR-3328CPM,MPDT-3328CNE,MPDT-3328CNM,MPDT-3328CPE,MPDT-3328CPM,SOLANA-BK,SOLANA-BN; Fits Superior:VF4-CHP-2,VF4-CMP-2,VF4-CNM-2,VF5000-CMN-2,VF5000-CMP-2,VF5-CMN-2, VF5-CMP-2,VF6000-CMN-2,VF6000-CMP-2,VF6-CMN-2,VF6-CMP-2,VFPF-CMN-2, VFPF-CMP-2,VFST-CMN-2,VFST-CMP-2
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Author: Anael G.