• Falsken FTHT-20RF Heater Treater 20 Replacement Cartridge
    Replacement Filter for "the Heater Treater 20" Units (Models: FtHT-20-RevFlo & FtHT-20-RevFlo-G) Authentic Filter (1) , Direct from Falsken Water Systems Recommended Replacement Interval of 12 Months Comes Complete with Water Treatment Media, O-Rings, Lubricant and Replacement Instructions Beware of Replicas Who Promise the Same Results but Fail to Deliver
  • SOTOP IP55 Waterproof Metal Blades Axial Fan, 115V AC 120mm x 38mm High Speed, for DIY Cooling Ventilation Exhaust Projects
    IP55 Waterproof and Dustproof fan is designed for moist and dusty environments. Metal blades, Metal frame axial flow fan, enhances the heating efficiency. -50℃ - 95℃ super high temperature range. The life expectancy of ball bearings is greater than 60000 hours. Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 38 mm | Airflow: 120 CFM | Noise: 47 dBA | Bearings: Dual Ball Includes power plug cord, two fan guards, and mounting screw set
  • Watts (FP10GT) in-Line Carbon Filter Cartridge (1201.11)
    Fits many OEM applications Package Dimensions: 32.512 L x 7.62 H x 7.874 W (centimeters) Package Weight: 0.9 pounds Country of Origin: Taiwan, Province Of China
  • Waterdrop Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement for EWF01, FC-300, FC300, EFF-6018A, 241988703, 3 Filters
    A filter you can trust: This filter we put our name to adopts high-precision natural activated carbon block to execute the best water purification performance. It effectively reduces chlorine, taste and odor, rust, corrosion, sediment, and turbidity. Simply replace your filter every 6 months, or after 400 gallons, and enjoy the clean water you and your family deserve. Selected filtration material: Our dedicated R&D team works day and night to ensure our filters provide your family with the purest, safest water anywhere in the world. By harnessing the power of natural active coconuts sourced from Sri Lanka, we adopt the coconut activated carbon block that ensures you get nothing but the best when you choose our products. A team that cares: From our base here in Los Angeles, CA, we believe in the importance of shared values and sustainable development for the benefit of everyone. We know that it’s our responsibility to create value for everyone involved with our products, as well as the world around us. That’s why when you buy a Waterdrop filter, we promise to donate one day of clean drinking water to children in areas that need it now more than ever. We feel it’s the least we can do. Compatible models: EWF01, FC-300, FC300, EFF-6018A, and 241988703.
  • 4 - Pack of American Filter Company (TM) Brand Water Filters AFC-G5-LF1200 (Comparable with to GE (R) FQSLF GXRLQR Filters)
    Micron Rating: 0.5 Microns Flow Rate: 0.5GPM 1:89 LPM - 2.0 GPM/7.56 LPM. Made in the USA Max Pressure: 125 psi
  • Durablow MFB007 GFK4, FK12, FK24 Replacement Fireplace Blower Fan Unit for Monessen, Vermont Castings, Majestic, Temco, Lopi, Rotom R7-RB12 ⦠(MFB007)
    Fits Heatilator: A36C, A36CH, A42C, A42CH, ADI60S, ADI-ZC-FB, ADI-ZCFB-S, BCDV36, BE-36-C, BE-36-CIPI, BV4236DBI, BV4842DBI, CB4236IR, CB4236MIR, CB4842IR, CB4842MIR, CD4236ILR, CD4236ILR-C, CD4236IR, CD4236IR-C, CD4236LR, CD4236MILR, CD4842MILR, CD4236MIR, CD4842MIR, CD4236MLR, CD4842MLR, CD4236MR, CD4842MR, CD4236R, CD4842ILR, CD4842ILR-C, CD4842IR, CD4842IR-C, CD4842LR, CD4842R, CNXT70E, CNXT90E, DV3732SBI, DV3732SBIL, EC36, EC36I, EC39, EC42, EC42I, FP28, FP36, GBi25 SERIES, GC100, GC100E, GC100L, GC100LE, GC150, GC150E, GC150L, GC150LE, GC200, GC200L, GC300 SERIES, GC300E, GC300LE, GC300FL, GC300FLE, GC300FLLE, GC300ST, GC300STE, GC300STLE, GC361, GC421, GC400 SERIES, GCBC36, GCBC36LE, GCBC42, GCBC42LE, GCBC60, GCBC60I, GCBC60IL, GCBC60L, GCBC80, GCBC80I, GCBC80IL, GCBC80L, GCDC36, GCDC42, GCDC60, GCDC60E, GCDC60L, GCDC60LE, GCDC80, GCDC80E, GCDC80L, GCDC80LE, GDST3831I, GGBC36, GGBC36E, GGBC36L, GGBC36LE, GGBC42, GGBC42E, GGBC42L, GGBC42LE, GGBC42R, GNBC30, GNBC30LE, GNBC33, GNBC33LE, GNBC36, GNBC33LE, GNDC30, GNDC33, GNDC36, GNDH30, GNDH33, GNDH36, GNDH36E, GNDH36LE, GNRC33, GNRC36, GNTC50, GNTC80, GNTC80LE, HB36, HB42, MAX60, MAX60-FFMAX1, MAX60-FFMAX2, MAX60L-FFMAX2G, MAXUS MAX60E, MAXUS MAX60EF, MAXUS MAX60F, MAXUS MAX60L, MAXUS MAX60LE, MAXUS MAX60LEF, MAXUS MAX60LF, MH36A, MH39A, MH42A, NA36, NA42, NB3630M, NB3630MI, NB3933, NB3933I, NB3933M, NB3933MI, NB4236, NB4236I, NB4236M, NB4236MI, NB4842, NB4842I, NB4842M, NB4842MI, NBV3630I, NBV3933, NBV3933I, NBV4236, NBV4236I, NBV4842, NBV4842I, ND3630, ND3630I, ND3630L, ND3630IL, ND3933, ND3933I, ND3933L, ND3933IL, ND4236, ND4236I, ND4236L, ND4236IL, ND4842. ND4842I, ND4842L, ND4842IL, NDV3630, NDV3630I, NDV3630L, NDV3630IL, NDV3933, NDV3933I, NDV3933L, NDV3933IL, NDV4236, NDV4236I, NDV4236L, NDV4236IL, NDV4842, NDV4842I, NDV4842L, NDV4842IL, NEVO3630I, NEVO4236I, NNXT3933I, NNXT3933IL, NNXT4236I, NNXT4236IL, NOVUS, NOVi30, NOVi30L, NOVi35, NOVi35L, OLYMPUS, SC60, SL-350TRS-IPI^Fits Heatilator: SL-550BE, SL-550BE-IPI, SL-550TRS-E, SL-550TRS-IPI-E, SL-750TRS-E, SL-750TRS-IPI-E, TITAN; Fits Majestic: 300DVB, 300DVBH, 300DVBL, 300DVBLNSC7, 300DVBLPSC7, 32VFSC, 32VFSNVC, 32VFSPVC, 33BDVR, 33BDVREN, 33BDVREP, 33BDVRRN, 33BDVRRP, 33BDVT, 33BDVTEN, 33BDVTEP, 33BDVTRN, 33BDVTRP, 33ISDG, 33LDV, 33LDVR, 33LDVREN, 33LDVREP, 33LDVRRN, 33LDVRRP, 33LDVT, 33LDVTEN, 33LDVTEP, 33LDVTIN, 33LDVTIP, 33LDVTRN, 33LDVTRP, 33XDV, 33XDVR, 33XDVREN, 33XDVREP, 33XDVRRN, 33XDVRRP, 360DVS2, 360DVS2RN, 360DVS2RP, 360DVS3, 360DVS3RN, 360DVS3RP, 360DVSL, 360DVSLRN, 360DVSLRP, 360DVSR, 360DVSRRN, 360DVSRRP, 36BDVR, 36BDVREN, 36BDVREP, 36BDVRRN, 36BDVRRP, 36BDVT, 36BDVTEN, 36BDVTEP, 36BDVTRN, 36BDVTRP, 36CDVXRRN, 36CDVXTRN, 36CDVZRRN, 36CDVZTRN, 36LDV, 36LDVR, 36LDVREN, 36LDVREP, 36LDVRRN, 36LDVRRP, 36LDVT, 36LDVTEN, 36LDVTEP, 36LDVTIN, 36LDVTIP, 36LDVTRN, 36LDVTRP, 36XDV, 36XDVEN, 36XDVEP, 36XDVRFN, 36XDVRFP, 36XDVRN, 36XDVRP, 380IDVNVC, 380IDVPVC, 39BDVR, 39BDVREN, 39BDVREP, 39BDVRRN, 39BDVRRP, 39BDVT, 39BDVTEN, 39BDVTEP, 39BDVTRN, 39BDVTRP, 39LDV, 39LDVR, 39LDVREN, 39LDVREP, 39LDVRRN, 39LDVRRP, 39LDVT, 39LDVTEN, 39LDVTEP, 39LDVTIN, 39LDVTIP, 39LDVTRN, 39LDVTRP, 39XDV, 39XDVEN, 39XDVEP, 39XDVRN, 39XDVRP, 400DVB, 400DVBH, 400DVBL, 400DVBLNSC7, 400DVBLNV7, 400DVBLPSC7, 400DVBLPV7, 43BDVR, 43BDVREN, 43BDVREP, 43BDVRRN, 43BDVRRP, 43BDVT, 43BDVTEN, 43BDVTEP, 43BDVTRN, 43BDVTRP, 43LDV, 43LDVR, 43LDVREN, 43LDVREP, 43LDVRRN, 43LDVRRP, 43LDVT, 43LDVTEN, 43LDVTEP, 43LDVTRN, 43LDVTRP, 490IDVNVC, 490IDVPVC, 500DVB, 500DVBL, 500DVBLNSC7, 500DVBLNV7, 500DVBLPSC7, 500DVBLPV7, 600DVB, BC36, BC36i, BC42, BC42i, BHDR36, BHDT36, CDVR33, CDVR36, CDVR42, CDVR47, CDVT33, CDVT36, CDVT42, CDVT47, CDVZ Series, CLDVDNE, CLDVDNV, CLDVDPE, CLDVDPV, CRDVDNE, CRDVDNV, CRDVDPE, CRDVDPV, DV360, DV360RFN INSTA-FLAME, DV360RFP INSTA-FLAME, DV360RN INSTA-FLAME, DV360RP INSTA-FLAME, DV580, DV580RFN INSTA-FLAME, DV580RFP INSTA-FLAME, DV580RN INSTA-FLAME, DV580RP INSTA-FLAME^Fits Majestic: DVB4136, DVB7 Series, DVBR36, DVBR36RN, DVBR36RP, DVBR42, DVBR42RN, DVBR42RP, DVR33, DVR33RN Insta-Flame, DVR33RP Insta-Flame, DVR36, DVR36RMH Insta-Flame, DVR36RN Insta-Flame, DVR36RP Insta-Flame, DVR39, DVRS3, DVRSL, DVRSR, DVRT36, DVRT36EN, DVRT36EP, DVRT36RFN, DVRT36RFP, DVRT36RMH, DVRT36RN, DVRT36RP, DVRT39, DVRT39EN, DVRT39EP, DVRT39RN, DVRT39RP, DVRT43, DVRT43EN, DVRT43EP, DVRT43RN, DVRT43RP, DVRTSB, DVT36, DVT43, G330AL, G330AN, G330L, G330N, G336A, G336AL, G336AN, G336L, G342A, G342AL, G342AN, G342N, LX32DV, LX36DV, MBUC36, MBUC36i, MBUC42, MBUC42i, MLDV500, MRC42, NV360, NV580, NVB SERIES, NVBC42, NVBR36, NVC36, NVC39, NVC43, PFDVDNE, PFDVDNV, PFDVDPE, RC36, RC36A, RDV4136, RFS22, RFS32, RFS42, RHE25, RHE32, RHE42, RHEDV25, RHEDV32, RHEDV42, SC36A, SC42A, STDVDNE, STDVDNV, STDVDPE, STDVDPV, TL36, TL36i, TL42, TL42i, TRC42, UV33, UV33C, UV36RN, UV36RP, UVBC33, UVBC36, UVBC42, UVBC43, UVBCN36, UVBRN36, UVC36, UVC43, UVDC36, UVS33RN, UVS33RP, UVS36, UVS36RN, UVS36RP, UVS43, UVSRC36A, UVSRC42A, WM36, WM36A, WM42-SX, WMII-42, WMII-42A, WMII42HT, WMR36^Cross Reference Numbers: Blower Unit Only, FK4, GFK4, FK12, FK24, R7-RB12, 8900755a, 111215G, EM3030LH-85 ; Benefits: Helps reduce costly energy bills, Heats large rooms efficiently, Installs quickly and easily with included instructions, Reasonable price aftermarket parts; The "Fits" BRAND and MODEL # are Reference ONLY! Please CHECK the Size & Ratings of your originals BEFORE buying^Length x Width x Height (inches): 12.5 x 3.73 x 3.23 Motor Type: Ball Bearing Insulation Class H (rated to 392°F / 200°C) Motor RPM: 3000 Airflow in C.F.M: 130 Ratings: 120V, 60Hz Power Consumption (watts): 35 Rheostat Variable Speed: NO Magnetic Thermostat: NO Material: Aluminum + Galvanized Steel Packaging Materials: Shipping box, Bubble Wrap, Foam Certifications: Motor UL Approved
  • Parker PS732P Polycarbonate Bowl with Twist Drain for 06, 11F and 06E Series Filter/Regulator, 4.4oz Capacity, 150 psig
    Replacement bowl and accessories for 06, 11F, and 06E Series one-piece filter/regulator Polycarbonate bowl for resistance to oil, gas, and impact Nitrile gasket for resistance to oil Pressure range of 0-150 psig Operating temperature range of 32-125 degree F
  • Compatible for The Heater Treater 20 Replacement Cartridge by CFS
    Compatible for The Heater Treater 20 Replacement Cartridge by CFS Ideal for tankless and traditional hot water systems Ideal for tankless and traditional hot water systems Compatible Replacement for Heater Treater FtHT-20-RevFlo FtHT-20-RevFlo-G Blue Gold For Life BG-SDSL25B and Housepure WI-HP Secure-.75C 5 Micron sediment filtration - Change every 4 - 6 months Scale and Corrosion Protection Water Filter Replacement Cartridges with Polyphospate filled core for Hot Water Protector, 5 Micron
  • Parker PS932P Polycarbonate Bowl with Twist Drain for 05F, 15F and 05E Series Filter/Regulator, 2oz Capacity, 150 psig
    Replacement bowl and gasket for 05F, 15F, and 05E Series one-piece filter/regulator Polycarbonate bowl for resistance to oil, gas, and impact Nitrile gasket for resistance to oil and good adhesion to metal Maximum operating pressure of 150 psig Operating temperature range of 32-125 degree F
  • IPW Industries Inc. Compatible Reverse Osmosis Complete Annual Replacement Water Filters for WHER12 and WHER18 System

Author: Anael G.