• MetroVac 103-580911 Model AF-EXPRESS-25 All-New Air Force Express Car Dryer, 4.0 HP Twin Fan Motor, 10 Amps, 1200 Watts, 350 MPH/34000 LFM Airflow, Sturdy All Steel Construction
    Perfect for getting water out of side-view mirrors, door jams, body seams, grills, lights, etc. 4.0 Peak Horsepower twin fan motor capable of delivering up to 34,000 linear feet-per-minute (over 350 MPH) of clean, dry, warm (35 degrees F above ambient), filtered air! Compact and Lightweight Design, Two hoses with a combined length of 12 feet Permanent fixed wheels with front swivel casters; 25 foot grounded cord, rubber blower nozzle and air flare Accessories: Two Hoses with a combined length of 12 ft, Rubber Blower Nozzle, Airflare, Permanent Fixed Wheels (front swivels), and wall mount bracket
  • Corsair CV Series, CV450, 450 Watt, 80+ Bronze Certified, Fixed Cable Power Supply
    80+ Bronze certified efficiency provides up to 88% operational efficiency generating less heat and lowering your energy costs CORSAIR CV Series power supplies are to deliver their full rated wattage of continuous power A 120mm thermally controlled low-noise cooling fan only spins at high speed when your power supply is under heavy stress slowing down for quieter operation at lower loads Compact 125mm-long casing ensures an easy fit in almost all modern PC cases Black sleeved cables and a black powder-coated casing seamlessly fits your PC’s style
  • KENUCO Quiet Muffin Fan, 115V 120V AC 120mm x 25mm Low Speed, for DIY Cooling Ventilation Exhaust Projects (Black-5PK)
    Designed for projects that requires cooling or ventilation; or as a replacement fan for various products. Includes a heavy-duty aluminum fan with power plug cord, two fan guards, and mounting screw set Dual-ball bearings have a lifespan of 67,000 hours and allows the fans to be laid flat or stand upright Low Speed: Has a lower noise and airflow rating than high speed models 120 x 120 x 25 mm (4.7 x 4.7 x 1 in.) | 100 to 125V AC | Airflow: 51 CFM | Noise: 30 dBA | Speed: 1800 RPM
  • Corsair RM Series, RM850, 850 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified, Fully Modular Power Supply, Microsoft Modern Standby (CP-9020196-NA)
    80 plus Gold certified: high efficiency operation for lower power consumption, less noise and cooler temperatures. Tuned for low noise operation: a 140mm rifle Bearing fan with a specially calculated fan curve ensures that fan noise is kept to minimum, even at full load. 105°C-rated capacitors: industrial-grade capacitors deliver solid electrical performance and reliability. MTBF hours - 100,000 hours Microsoft modern standby compatible: extremely fast wake-from-sleep times and better low-load efficiency. Zero RPM fan mode: at low and medium loads The cooling fan switches off entirely for near-silent operation.
  • DEHA Replacement Smart TV Remote Control for Samsung LN22A450C1 | Compatible with 2333HD HL61A510J1F HL67A510 HL67A510J1F HL67A510J1FXZA LN19A330 LN19A330J1D LN19A330J1DXZA LN19A330J1DXZC Television
    DESIGN: DEHA Replacement Remote Control is specially designed for all smart Television. Simple style and form-fitting to hand to increase comfort. FUNCTIONALITY: DEHA Replacement Remote Controls is easy to use and does not require cumbersome settings. It is not original but function exactly the same as original. COMPATIBLE MODELS: 2333HD HL61A510J1F HL67A510 HL67A510J1F HL67A510J1FXZA LN19A330 LN19A330J1D LN19A330J1DXZA LN19A330J1DXZC LN19A330J1DXZX LN19A330J1H LN19A330J1HXZA LN19A450 LN19A450C1D LN19A450C1DXZA LN19A450C1DXZC LN19A450C1DXZX LN19A650A1D LN19A650A1DXZA LN19A650A1DXZX LN22A330J1D LN22A330J1DXZC LN22A450C1 LN22A450 LN22A450C1D LN22A450C1DXZA LN22A450C1DXZC LN22A450C1DXZX LN22A450C1H LN22A450C1HXZA LN22A450C1XRL LN22A450C1XSR LN22A450C1XZB LN22A450C1XZL LN22A450C1XZP LN22A650A1D LN26A330J1 L MULTI-DEVICE CONTROL: You can comfortably operate multiple models of Television by using this high-quality replacement remote controls. Just add the batteries in and it worked immediately. SATISFACTION GUARANTED: You'll no longer need to worry about the quality of the DEHA remote control. DEHA remote controls are backed by Manufacturer 1 Year Warranty on ALL DEHA remote controls.
  • Olympus (145125) Replacement USB Cable for DS-2300 / DS-3300 / DS-4000 (Model# KP-11)
    Replacement cable that allows you to transfer data
  • GVY79 9D9T1 265W Power Supply for Dell Optiplex 390, 790, 990 Mini Tower (MT) Systems AC265AM-00 F265EM-00 L265EM-0 H265AM-00 L265AM-00 YC7TR 053N4 D3D1C
    Compatible Model: Dell Optiplex 390, 790, 990 Mini Tower (MT)Systems [Note:Please Make sure that only applicable to Mini Tower (MT),not to DT/SFF/USFF.] Compatible Model Number: F265EM-00, AC265AM-00, L265EM-0, H265AM-00, L265AM-00 Compatible Part Number:YC7TR, 9D9T1, GVY79, 053N4, D3D1C Connectors:P1:24-pin ATX Power, P2:4-pin P4 ATX Power, P3:4-pin Sata Power, P5:4-pin Sata Power, P8:4-pin Sata Power, P9:4-pin Sata Power Input: 100-240V / 5.0A, 50Hz-60Hz 265W Max Power
  • KENTEK 250 Watt 250W Flex ATX Power Supply Replacement HP Pavilion Slimline 5188-7520,5188-7521,5188-2755,5188-7602,s3200n,s3000,s3100n,s3400f,s3500f,AC BEL PC6012,PC6034,Delta DPS-160QB,DPS-108DB
    Quiet Performance and High energy efficiency ATX, Flex ATX 12V support Intel AMD Spec AFC, automatic fan speed control Approved by FCC, CB, CCC & CE Short circuit and over voltage protection
  • RD-469E Replacement Remote Control fit for NEC Projector VE303X VE303 V302X V302W V332X V332W V302H NP-V332W NP-UM361X NP-V302X NP-UM351W NP-V302W NP-V302H NP-M403X NP-M402W NP-P502HL NP-PA622U
    New RD-469E Replacement Remote Control fit for NEC Projector Compatible model: VE303X VE303 V302X V302W V332X V332W V302H U321H UM301W NP-V332W NP-UM361X NP-V302X NP-UM351W NP-V302W NP-V302H NP-M403X NP-M402W NP-P502HL NP-PA622U NP-M363X NP-M362W NP-P502WL NP-PA522U NP-M323X NP-M402X NP-P502H NP-PA672W NP-M283X NP-M362X NP-P502W NP-PA572W NP-M403W NP-M322X NP-P452H NP-PA722X NP-M363W NP-M282X NP-P452W NP-PA622X NP-M323W NP-M322W NP-PA621U NP-M333XS NP-M352WS NP-PA521U NP-M353WS NP-M302WS NP-PA671W NP-M303WS NP-M332XS NP-PA571W NP-M403H NP-PA721X NP-M323H NP-PA621X NP-M353HS NP-M323HS NP-M303HS NP-PH1202HL NP-PX803UL NP-PX651X NP-PH1002HL NP-PX581 NP-PX602UL NP-U321H NP-UM301X NP-V332X NP-PX602WL NP-UM301W Easy to use IR remote control ,Do not need any program, only put into battery can work! High quality, feel comfortable to hold the product, sensitive keys
  • Replacement Remote Control for Haier LE24H3380 32D3000D LE32M600M20 LE39F32800 40D2500 40D3500M 40D3505 42E3500 48D3500 48E2500 48E2500A LE40D3281 LE55F32800 50E3500A 50D3505A 55E3500A TV
    30 days warranty. No programming required. Please prepare 2 AAA batteries. Fits for: Haier HTR-A18M 24D2000 LE24F33800 32D3000 LE32F32200 32F2000B LE39M600M80 55D3550 55E3500 55E5550 50D3505 50UG6550G 65D3550 65UF2505 28E2000 32D2000 32D3005 32E3000 39D3005 40D2500 40D3500M 42E3500 48DR3505 50D3505 55E3500 65E3550 LE39F32800 LE40D3281 LE46H3280 TV If your TV model is not listed, please email us. thanks

Author: Anael G.