• PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool Series 860 watt (860W) 80+ Gold Active PFC Industrial Grade ATX PC Power Supply 7 Year Warranty FPS0860-A4H0X
    80+ Gold Certified (90% Efficiency) Industrial Grade, Heavy Duty Japanese Capacitors, Inductors, Heat Sinks US Technical Support Temperature Range: Operating 0℃ - 50℃ 7 Year Warranty
  • Gigabit IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++) Dual Signature Injector with 55 Volt 60 Watt Output (6KV Surge Protection)
    Single Port IEEE 802.3bt midspan injector with 4 pair PoE for up to 60 watts output at 55 volts Use to power Wireless Access Points, Base Stations, Cameras, Door Locks, Displays POS and Kiosks Active negotiation provides a regulated 55 volt, 60 watt output - 6KV surge protection 10/100/1000 Gigabit data For expert technical support from Austin, Texas please call 512 479 0317
  • Dell Genuine OEM Optiplex 3010 7010 9010 MT 300W Watt Upgrade Fits 275W Switching Power Supply Unit PSU L275AM-00 R8JX0
    Make sure this fits by entering your model number. MPCF0 0VWX8 5W52M 57KJR 5DDV0 6R89K 84J9Y 949H1 Vostro 200 201 Inspiron 518 519 Precision T1500 Optiplex 3010 7010 9010. Replace 56DXG 61J2n R8JX0 300 Watt Genuine OEM Replacement Up grade Part
  • KDMPOWER KDM-MFX9270H Flex ATX 270W Power Supply
    KDMPOWER 270W KDM-MFX9270H FLEX MIIN-ITX ATX Power Supply KDM-MFX9270H 20+4pins is known mostly as a replacement power supply for Mini ITX / Micro FLEX ATX / Flex ITX 1U, 115V/230V switchable power supply (International compatible) Compatible with ATX 12V 100% compatible with the following models: SS30G, SS40G, SS50, SS50C, SS51G, SS51G1, SS56G, SS56L, SS58G2, SS59, SS59V2, ST20G5, ST61G4, ENHANCE ENP-2320A, ENP-0615B-G, ENP-0616A, ENP-0616B, ENP-0812A, ENP-2320, ENP-2320-PFC, ENP-2322A, ENP-2322B, ENP-2322B-G, ENP-2322C, Elanpower RP-2005-00, MERIT EC7536-01, POWEREX SPC-200F, SHUTTLE MUSIC XPC PROFESIONAL C1, C2, C3, C4, WPOS-232, Topower TOP-FLEX-180, TOP-FLEX-250, TOP-FLEX-300 APEVIA ITX-AP250W, AP-MFATX25P8, AP-MFATX22 , Advantech Panel PC PPC-174T, ASUS 04-185002081, ATP-165AAP, DELTA DPS-185JB A, ELAN VITAL EVN-1355A, EVN-1216, ACHME AB611BS15S, AM61BS15S, AM630BS20S, SPARKLE FSP FSP150-50PL, FSP150-50PL1R, FSP180, FSP200-50PLA, FSP200-50PLAR-B, FSP200-50PS,FSP200-50PL-B, FSP200-50PL, FSP-50PLB, FSP200-PLA2, Shuttle KPC K45, K48, PC34N220AC, PC34N220EN, PC3610002, PC40I2503 PC3600L, PC40, PC4012503, PC40N250EV, PC50, PC50-PW, PS-X160W, PC-X200W, PC611002, SS50, WPOS-232, XPC SV25, FV25, SA76G2, SB51G, SB51GB, SB52G2, SB61G, SB61G2, SB62G2, SB65G2, SB75G2, SB77G5, SB83G5, SB83G5C, SB95P, SD30G2, SD31G2, SD31P, SG31G2, SG31G2 V2, SG33G5, SK21G, SK41G, SK41G PFC, SK43G, SK83, SN41G, SN41G2, SN41G2B, SN45G, SN68SG2, SN85G, SN95G5B
  • Dell Original Precision T5610 685w Power Supply WPVG2 YP00X F685EF-00
    Input - 100-240V ~ 9.7A, 50-60Hz Output - 685 W Max, with various 12V specifications, 12VA, 12VB, 12VC, 12VD, and 12VE.
  • Fasco D7745 5.6-Inch Condenser Fan Motor, 1/2 HP, 208-230 Volts, 1075 RPM, 1 Speed, 3.7 Amps, OAO Enclosure, Reversible Rotation, Ball Bearing
    1/2 HP 208-230 Volts 1075 RPM
  • Eathtek Replacement 180W SFF Power Supply 5XV5K WYX72 9XD51 GCY55 D3YCN RWMNY J1J77 D6K0V 9XD51 4R1KT for DELL 3040 5040 7040 Inspiron 3650 3656 Series
    Part Number: D3YCN Model: H180NS-00 Output: 180W Input: 100-240V Compatible Product Line: Optiplex, Inspiron, Precision **Ship within 24 hours except for holidays and weekends**
  • DA31-00146B Original Version OEM Replacement Part by OEM Mania for Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor, compatible with SAMSUNG DA31-00146D 2030145 DA31-00220A AP4136568
    Authorized OEM Factory Replacement Part This is a B version, #11, motor. Do not buy B version to replace other versions, other numbered motor. 1550RPM, DC12V, 2.5W, DRCP5030LA Compatible part numbers # DA31-00146D, 2030145, DA31-00220A, DA31-00146B, AP4136568
  • Titan Replacement Battery for Porter Cable 14v, 8723, 9876, 9878, 9877, 9878CS 2500MAH
    Titan Brand Replacement battery for Porter Cable Fits: 879, 9876, 9878, 9877, 9878CS. Replaces: 8723 2 Year Warranty 100% compatible 14V**2400MAH**Ni-CD
  • HP 715185-001 Regular ATX power supply unit (PSU) - Rated at 300-Watts, Gamay
    715185-001 HP

Author: Anael G.