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  • Quilt in a Day #1225 - Blended Braid Quilt Pattern
    Quilt in a Day #1225 - Blended Braid Quilt Pattern
  • Quilt in a Day Eleanor Burns Patterns, Too Crazy Quilt
  • Quick Trip Quilts (Quilt in a Day Series)
    The patterns are easy enough for a beginner Will challenge seasoned quilters too Technique for this quilt is fun and so easy that it is truly a "Quilt in a Day" Let your personality shine by the fabric selection and placement Yardage and cutting charts for all five-quilt sizes with bonus instructions
  • Quilt in a Day T-Shirt Quilt Pattern by Eleanor Burns
    Create a fall wall hanging and coordinating table runner with this pattern This package includes directions illustrations and cutting charts for a 56x56 inch wall-hanging 56x72 lap 76x102 inch twin 90x106 inch queen and 106x106 inch king size quilts Designer: Eleanor Burns
  • Quilt in a Day Eleanor Burns Pattern,-Piece of Cake
    This quilt is as much fun to sew as relaxing with a big piece of chocolate cake To save time cook it up with pre-cut piece of 10 inches layer cake This package contains one booklet with the pattern and instructions It is an imported product
  • Quilt in a Day Patches of Life Quilt Pattern
    Pattern only Skill level: easy Finished sizes - lap (64" 74") and queen (88" x 100")
  • Quilt in a Day Split Nine-Patch Quilt Pattern by Eleanor Burns
    Pattern only Includes 2 1/2" triangle template Skill level: Easy
  • Eleanor Burns Zippity Quick Quilt Pattern by Quilt in a Day
    Quilt In A Day Zippity Quick Quilt Pattern- Squares of a solid background color alternate with rectangles of color to form a design that has a strong resemblance to a closed zipper Simple strip sewing for quilter's of all ages Choose from 4 different sizes; Runner 52"x 12", Baby 37"x 37", Square 57"x 57" and Large Lap 62"x 74" Includes instructions and diagrams You'll have this project zipped up before you know it
  • Quilt in a Day Eleanor Burns Pattern, Geese in the Garden
    Pattern only Skill level: Easy Geese in the garden Eleanor burns quilt pattern Use quilt in a days tried and true method for making quick and easy flying geese patches that compliment cheerful applique posies There's lots of honking going on over this pattern
  • Patty Cake Quilt Pattern by Quilt in a day
    Pattern only Patty Cake Quilt is a fun and easy quilt to make Chop up pre-cut 10 inch squares into 6.5 inch squares and four matching 2.5 inch squares Top off the Nine-Patch with five 2.5 inch Background squares, and stir it all together 4 size options: Crib 45 x 56 inches, Lap 48 x 72 inches, Twin 64 x 100 inches, Queen 88 x 100 inches

Author: Anael G.