• Texas Instruments NE555P (with SOCKETS) Single Precision Timer, NE555N NE555 Single Bipolar DIP8 (Pack of 12)
    12 NE555P with 12 of Sockets Texas Instruments Timing From Microseconds to Hours Astable or Monostable Operation Adjustable Duty Cycle TTL-Compatible Output Can Sink or Source up to 200 mA
  • Twin Wall 8mm Polycarbonate Panel, Clear, Light Weight, Impact Resistant, 10 Year Warranty, All-Weather Outdoor Greenhouse or General Covering (1’x1.5’)
    Make sure the side marked with UV Protected faces the exterior. It is 50% lighter than glass, and 250 times more impact resistant than glass. You can cut polycarbonate sheets with circular saw, jig saw, hand saw or utility knife. It will not crack or splinter. Saws with fine teeth work better. Search cutting-polycarbonate on google, you will find many tutorial videos. SHEET SIZE: 12”W x 18”H x 8mm UV COATED - 10 Year Warranty. Great Light Transmission 82%. Its multi-wall design with 8mm-thickness can provide superior protection in summer and winter. Its working temperature ranges from 125 to -40 Celcius We offer customer size cut, please be aware shipping cost for larger size is expensive. If you need to cover your whole greenhouse, we offer wholesale price. Larger pieces or orders are also available for pick up at 93536.
  • Juried Engineering NE556N NE556 556 Dual Precision Timer Breadboard-Friendly IC DIP-14 (Pack of 20)
    The NE556 are Dual Precision timing circuits capable of producing accurate time delays or oscillation Timing From Microseconds to Hours Astable or Monostable Operation, TTL-Compatible Output Can Sink or Source Up to 200 mA Adjustable Duty Cycle, On Products Compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, Example Applications: Fingerprint Biometrics, Iris Biometrics, RFID Reader, Precision Timers From Microseconds to Hours, Pulse-Shaping Circuits, Missing-Pulse Detector, Tone-Burst Generators, Pulse-Width Modulators, Pulse-Position Modulators, Sequential Timers, Pulse Generators, Frequency Dividers, Application Timers, Industrial Controls, Touch-Tone Encoders and a slew of other use-cases
  • Texas Instruments LMC555CN/NOPB Standard Timer Single Rail Pin, 8-Pin MDIP, 3.3 mm H x 9.27 mm L x 6.35 mm W (Pack of 4)
    Less than 1 mw typical power dissipation at 5V supply and 3 mhz a stable frequency capability 1.5V supply operating voltage guaranteed and output fully compatible with ttl and cmos logic at 5V supply Tested to -10 ma, +50 ma output current levels and reduced supply current spikes during output transitions Extremely low reset, trigger, and threshold currents and excellent temperature stability Pin-for-pin compatible with 555 series of timers and 8-pin mdip package
  • Spot quality precision adjustable Single potentiometer RK097N 097 Vertical clubfoot Single A10K A20K A50K A100K A500K A1M 5PCS (A50K)
    precision adjustable potentiometer Potentiometer,Resistance.Adjustment Type : Top Adjustment 3 Pin; Measuring Range : A50K ohm 6 mm / 0.23 inch Shaft Length : 10 mm / 0.4";thread Hole DIA : 6.2mm / 0.24";base height : 9 mm / 0.35" Base Size : 11 x 9.5mm / 0.43" x 0.37"(L*w) 5 X Potentiometer+5x Screw + 5x gasket
  • 32QN50S15050 5x5 mm Pitch 0.5 QFN32 MLP32 MLF32 QFN IC MCU Test Burn-in Programming Adapter Socket Plastronics @XYG
    Type: Clamshell
  • NTE ELECTRONICS NTE5426 SCR THYRISTOR, 10A, 400V, TO-220 (1 piece)
  • Jekewin NE555 NE555P NE555N Precision Timer IC DIP-8 Pack of 12pcs for Electric DIY
    NE555P Timer IC TTL compatible Adjustable duty cycle High output current Pack of 12pcs New and original,quality ensured , no-hassle refund if you are not 100% satisfied!
  • GE Energy Solutions TM3220C64K Indoor Load Center, 32-Space, 64 Circuit, 200-Amp - Quantity 1

Author: Anael G.