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  • 45 spools Sewing Thread Kits Polyester for Hand & Machine Sewing Total 4500yards
    【Polyester thread】100% polyester 40 S/2 SEWING THREAD these sewing threads are made of high-quality durable Mixed polyester, it will not be fraying and breaking easily, and the plastic reel also is not easy to deformation. This high-quality thread help you sewing efficiently. 【Widely Used】Fits many sewing machines brand And it can be used for a variety of sewing projects. This sewing thread could fullfill most of your home use project. 【Best Value】Come with 45 pcs 40 S/2 sewing thread, rainbow colors ,White,Black sewing thread spools, and each thread is about 100 yards, ideal for adding your creations to your sewing project. You can add embroidery details to homemade dresses, blouses, blankets, and more. 【Nice Gift】As a good gift, it is perfect for your friends and family. With these sewing threads, it easy to complete your DIY sewing. 【For Your Dedicated Service】OUR TEAM provides 100% satisfactory service: Replacement and return within 30 days. Confidence comes from high quality and our constant pursuit of perfection. We believe that you will like our MOYYON sewing thread set, but If for some reason you are not satisfied, please let us know, we will help you solve it within 24 hours and make you satisfied
  • 2-Pack - BLACK & WHITE - Coats & Clark Dual Duty All-Purpose Thread - One 400 Yard Spool each of BLACK & White
    2-Pack (One Spool Black PLUS One Spool White) Thread for hand and machine sewing on all fabric types. Features polyester covered polyester core for strength. Each Spool is 400 yard (365m)
  • 42 Color (2300Y) Sewing Thread Kit High Strength Thread Rainbow Color for Manual Embroidery or Sewing Machine Sewing kit Embroidery Free 30 Quality Golden Tail Needles
    42 Pcs sewing thread spools ,hand sewing thread sets with 42 Spools Rainbow Colors. 100% Polyester thread, sturdy and durable, it will not be fraying, breaking and tangling up easily. 77 Yard each spool. COLOR NO:B5200 5283 5282 E980 727 725 604 3706 726 809 369 3819 970 946 E990 906 699 892 602 718 304 666 349 792 791 3846 414 415 169 168 917 154 333 3818 898 823 310 3799. Suitable for sewing machine and hand sewing use. Works well for a variety of sewing projects. Perfect Gift - Comes with a Sewing needle plate including 30 gold tail needles.
  • LEONIS 30 Color Set of Handy Polyester Sewing Threads 50 Yards/45 m Each[ 93011 ]
    30 THREAD SPOOLS IN ASSORTED COLORS. High quality threads in 30 beautiful colors to get you started on any stitching projects or help you easily match colors when mending clothes 45M AND 110M SPOOL SIZE VARIATIONS. 45m spools are ideal for hand sewing; 110m spools are suitable for both machine and hand sewing STRONG AND DURABLE THREADS. High elogation reduces the frequency of thread breaking or fraying, which offers you a good sewing perfomance COMPACT TRAVEL SIZE. A handy, lightweight organizer allows you to bring your sewing thread kit with you everywhere and be prepared for any wardrobe emergencies CONVENIENT NEEDLE THREADER. The sewing kit comes with an aluminum needle threader to make threading needles less eye-straining
  • 2 Spools Polyester Sewing Thread Spools, 2 Colors White and Black, 3000 Yards Each Spool, 40/2 All-Purpose Connecting Threads for Sewing Machine and Hand Repair Works for Hand & Machine Sewing
    Preferred material: 100% Spun Polyester 40S/2. The two most classic and practical colors of black and white, non-bleaching, non-fading, non-balling, non-knotting, uniform thickness, smooth, strong tension, warp pull, warp pull, bobbin Is plastic; Health and environmental protection: The use of environmentally friendly polyester is more durable and stronger than small-volume handmade sewing threads. Our products do not contain azo and are non-irritating to the skin. They can be directly contacted with the skin and meet the standards of clothing; The number of yards is sufficient, not easy to break:3000 Yard high-quality polyester, professional sewing machine thread, can also be used for hand sewing. The thread breakage rate is lower than similar products. It has good lubricity and good sewing effect. The heat shrinkage rate at 150℃ is less than 2%; Application: It can be used for general fashion fabrics, all kinds of knitted fabrics, silk, shirts, swimwear, ties, raincoats, sportswear, gloves, etc. This sew all thread set provides good performance for both hand and domestic machine. It can be used for many Projects include sewing, clothing repair, alteration, cushion making, tailoring, tapestries and any other stitching work. Suitable for cotton, wool and synthetic fiber fabrics; Easy to use by beginners and professionals, practical design suitable for all levels, and perfect for stitching, sewing, buttons, rips, toys, arts and crafts -multipurpose use for all sewing needs.
  • Sewing Threads Kits, 30 Colors 1000 Yards Per Spools, Polyester Sewing Thread for Hand and Machine Sewing
    【Strongest Material】The sewing threads are made of high quality durable polyester, and it will not be breaking, fraying, fading and tangling up easily, and the plastic reel also is not easy to deformation,Can make your sewing more efficient. 【Assorted Colors】The sewing thread kit have 30 different colors thread spools with 1000 yards on each spool, sewing thread kit meet the products of hand-stitched and the requirement of home daily needing lots of colors. 【Multi-purpose】Polyester sewing threads can be used on most of brand sewing machine or hand sewing working, you can work threads for sewing on homemade handicrafts, clothes, bed sheet, curtains, and blankets etc. 【Ideal Gifts】As a great gift, it is perfect for your friends and family. the thread Kits also including 1 soft measuring tape, 1 scissors and 2 threader 【Great After-Sales Service】Please contact us by E-mail, Warranty period 10 months,have any questions please contact with us by E-mail
  • Tortoise 39 Spools Thread Kit All Purpose Sewing Threads for Manual Sewing Machine Household 40s/2 Sewing Thread
    The project has 39 different colors thread spools each one with about 200 yards. These 39 colors that satisfy most of home use sewing projects' needs. Gold and Silver thread can be used to add embroidery details on homemade dresses, bloused, pants and so on. This product works on most brands of sewing machines. It also fulfill most of your manual sewing mending. You don't have to worry about products changing The sewing thread is made of high-quality 100% POLYESTER, polyester is soft and smooth with high strength .it is not easy to be fraying or breaking, color fastness to washing and sunlight could be over level 4, not discolor or shrink. 39 different colors for sewing spool, kindly ideal for all kinds of sewing projects, it is a beginner's need to meet the basic sewing kit sewing required. It is a perfect choice of gifts for your friends and family. With these sewing threads, DIY sewing become easier. We provide 30-day money-back and 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns
  • CiaraQ Sewing Threads Kits, 30 Colors Polyester 250 Yards Per Spools for Hand Sewing & Embroidery
    ◆ Assorted Colors: Come with 30 different colors thread spools, and each thread is about 250 yards. these 30 colors meet most of home use hand sewing projects' needs. You can add embroidery details to homemade dresses, blouses, blankets, and more. ◆ Material: The sewing thread made with high-quality durable polyester, it will not be fraying easily, and the plastic reel also is not easy to deformation. ◆ Use: The thread is very thin and will break on the sewing machine. Recommended for hand sewing or embroidery projects. ◆ Nice Gift: As a good gift, it is perfect for your friends and family. With these sewing threads, it easy to complete your DIY sewing. ◆ Tip: Any problem with the 30 colors sewing thread, please contact us, we will give you a best service.
  • NEX Mini Sewing Thread Spools and Bobbins for Sewing Machine, Hand Sewing
    Material: 100% Polyester. 32 Assorted thread spools(33 Yards) and 28 metal prewound bobbins(27 Yards). Standard bobbins, Size A, Class 15. Fit for most sewing machine like Brother, Babylock, Janome, Kenmore, Singer etc. Widely Used for Beginner. Suitable for small sewing projects of sewing machine and hand sewing. The colors of the thread on the bobbins do not match the colors of the thread on the spool.
  • COATS Dual Duty All-Purpose Thread, 400 Yards/1 Spool of Yarn, Black
    It features polyester covered polyester core for strength This thread can be used for a variety of sewing projects This package contains one 400 Yard/365M Spool Country of origin : United States


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